City Solo

October 3, 10 & 17
Sundays @ 7pm

$20 General Admission

$15 Student/Senior/Low-Income or 800-838-3006.


CITY SOLO is a fresh series featuring a rotating cast of Bay Area solo stars.  Each show features a dynamic line-up of four short pieces, written and performed by the solo artists themselves.  CITY SOLO is co-produced Nicole Maxali and Thao P. Nguyen (left and right, respectively in photo) and The Off-Market Theaters.


In October, City Solo presents "DIS-oriented: A trio of solo performances by Asian-American women"

Featuring Coke Nakamoto, Zahra Noorbakhsh, and Thao P. Nguyen


"All Atheists Are Muslim"
Written & performed by ZAHRA NOORBAKHSH
How hard can it be for Zahra, an Iranian Muslim girl in her mid-twenties, to move-in with her Atheist White-American boyfriend and cheerfully tell her father that she doesn't need his blessing? ZAHRA NOORBAKHSH is a solo-performer and stand-up comedian, who's performed with Maz Jobrani from the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, and Shazia Mirza from Last Comic Standing. Her one-woman show "Hijab and Hammerpants," recently debuted at the SF Theater Festival, under the direction of W. Kamau Bell (SF Weekly's performer of the year, 2008). Find out more about her comedy and solo shows at

"Secret Agent Bucket"
Written & performed by COLLEEN "COKE" NAKAMOTO
What's a woman to do when her va-j-j says "No!" and refuses to come out and play? As a girl, Secret Agent Bucket finds clues to womanhood beneath her piano teacher's dress, in her family's drawers, and while fishing with her daddy. All while studying to be a professional go-go dancer. And aspiring to sing like Tom Jones. COLLEEN "COKE" NAKAMOTO is a writer, dancer and performer, curious about where words meet the body. Her previous one-woman show, Psalms for Endangered Species was performed to sold out houses in Los Angeles. Excerpts of her current solo project, "Soft Tissue" have been featured in the New Year's Eve Solo-Tacular, the San Francisco Theater Festival, Words First, APICC/Eth-Noh-Tec's Slam! Bam! Story Jam!, and For Colored Girls Only. She is delighted to be a member of the Wing It! Performance Ensemble, the Solo Performance Workshop and DIS-Oriented.

"Fortunate Daughter"
Written & performed by THAO P. NGUYEN
Thao, 25, wakes up on a good morning in Vietnam, dons her full-metal jacket and goes deer hunting on Hamburger Hill with Forrest Gump and Martin Sheen. Only she survives. Later, her mom takes her to meet her grandmother for the first time. THAO P. NGUYEN has been writing and performing solo shows since she joined the Solo Performance Workshop in 2007. Her director, the critically acclaimed W. Kamau Bell (Comedian of the Year for both SF Weekly and 7x7), has awarded her with the coveted "W. Kamau Bell Solo Performance Black Belt," a distinction which to this date has been awarded only four times. She also co-produces two monthly solo performance series in San Francisco: "Words First" at CounterPULSE and "City Solo" at Off-Market Theater.


NOTE: No one under 16 years old will be admitted.


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Eat, Pray, Laugh!

Alicia Dattner

Opens January 20 - May 26
Wednesdays @ 8pm - $20

Eat, Pray, Laugh!, directed by Katie Rubin, chronicles Alicia's three-month solo trip across India in search of spiritual salvation – as fate would have it, the trip looks nothing like she imagined. From seductive French yoga teachers to scary Indian toilets, Alicia dishes on everything including the Italian fashion exporter with a Krishna fetish and mosquitoes the size of small ponies, to Chabad Jews on the Ganges and ultimately, the true meaning of mustaches and masala chai.



After a knockout world premiere run at this year’s SF Fringe, Alicia took Eat, Pray, Laugh! on the road and across the pond. Stops included London, England, as well as Mumbai and Tiruvanamalai, India, where she incorporated a spirited round of Kirtan chanting with the audience into the performance. The revamped show, which now includes an opening act by Katie Rubin performing excerpts from her own upcoming solo show, will also be complete with chai (delicious tea), kirtan (Indian call and response singing), and prasad (an offering of sweets) at each performance. Eat, Pray, Laugh! is part of the kick-off to Solo @ Off-Market in 2010.




Bohemian Cowboy
Raymond King Shurtz

9/11, 9/12, 9/18 @ 8pm & 9/19 @ 9:30pm - $15BohemianCowboyImage.jpg

In November of 2005, Raymond Dean Shurtz walked into the desert in Clark County, Nevada, The Valley of Fire, and simply disappeared.

For two years, Nevada detectives, Nevada Search and Rescue, psychics, private detectives, and family and friends, searched for his body. Mr. Shurtz has never been found.

A honky-tonk singer, a cowboy, a carpenter, and a traveler of mythic proportions, the senior Mr. Shurtz left an array of mysteries as a "disappearing specialist".

In an attempt to unravel these mysteries, his son writes and performs the legacy his father left him, using the same characteristics as his father, the original "disappearing specialist" and "bohemian cowboy".

LA Weekly – Pick of the Week

“Under the sensitive direction of Kurt Brungardt, Shurtz’s drama functions as both intensely personal family legacy and surreal picaresque." - LA Times

Bohemian Cowboy: or 800-838-3006.

notagenuineblackman-051809.jpgNot a Genuine Black Man
Brian Copeland

Opens 9/18 – Fridays @ 8pm &
Saturdays @ 5pm - $30

In 1972, the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing Called San Leandro, California ‘a racist bastion of white supremacy’. It was named one of the most racist suburbs in America. CBS News and Newsweek covered the story. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights conducted hearings.

And then, we moved to town.”

So writes Brian Copeland in his first solo show, Not a Genuine Black Man, revealing a little-known chapter of Bay Area history. In a monologue that's both funny and poignant, Brian explores how surroundings make us who we are.

Brian's memoir based on the show is now available nationwide. It received high critical acclaim from, among others, Publisher's Weekly, People, Ebony and The Boston Globe while reader reviewers on are calling it "The best book I've ever read." It  has recently been chosen as the 2009 selection for Silicon Valley Reads, a library sponsored program which encourages all Silicon Valley residents to read one book at the same time and engage in community wide discussions on its relevance.

“A beautiful mix of wry humor and heartbreak, indignation and inspiration, a singular story of extreme isolation that speaks to anyone who's ever felt out of place.” --San Francisco Chronicle 

Not A Genuine Black Man:
or 800-838-3006

hamassmile8by10.jpgI Heart Hamas
Jennifer Jajeh

Opening 9/17 Thursdays & Saturdays @ 8pm – $20-30

With the current ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, the threat of global terrorism, and the never‐ending negotiations and hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by all of the bad international news. That’s exactly how Jennifer Jajeh feels. And to make matters worse, Jennifer is Palestinian. Well, Palestinian American. Or more precisely: a single, Catholic, first generation, Palestinian American woman who chooses to return to her parents’ hometown of Ramallah at the start of the Second Intifada.

In her tragicomic solo theatre show, I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I’m Afraid to Tell You, Jennifer Jajeh is just trying to get back home, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. The guy sitting next to her in the taxi is smoking cigarettes, but won’t roll the window down because he doesn’t want to let the tear gas in. The 70 year old grandmother on her other side wants to know why her Arabic is so bad, why she doesn’t wax her arms, and why at the age of 28 she is not yet married. It’s 100 degrees outside, and she’s been in this taxi for 2 hours. Yet all she can focus on are the soldiers on the one side of the road shooting rubber bullets ‐‐ through traffic ‐‐ at the kids hurling stones and curses. Wait, why did she want to come to Palestine?

Sick and tired of the unsolicited discussions, debates and disagreements about her identity and her opinions about the Palestinian‐Israeli conflict, Jennifer tries to figure it out for herself. Join her on American and Palestinian soil on auditions, bad dates, and across military checkpoints as she navigates the thorny terrain around Palestinian identity. Weaving together humor, pop culture references and live theatre, Jajeh explores how she becomes Palestinian‐ized, then politicized and eventually radicalized in a fresh, often funny, searingly honest way.

I Heart Hamas: or 800-838-3006

self portriat with wheelchair.jpgWalking on the Moon

Sundays 9/20 through 10/11 @ 7:30pm - $10

Inspired by the economic events of the last year, "Walking on the Moon" explores the themes of Life, Death, the Economy and Shopping.  It was recently performed at The Marsh as part of their Monday Night+ Series.  In addition to the narrator, the piece features an Air Force officer, nursing home residents, an escort, a hedge fund manager, Karl Marx, Paris Hilton and Maria Bartiromo.   Directed by Joya Cory.

Kosho is a filmmaker and performer living in SF (  Recent projects include the mocumentary "Andy Warhol goes to Burning Man", "Japanese Pop meets the Playa" and the NASA documentary "Inner-View - Yuri's Night" (available on youtube.)  Kosho has taken improvisational theater with Joya Cory and scene study at ACT. or 800-838-3006

Insides OUT!
Katie Rubin

9/20 & 9/27 @ 6pm - $10

Insides OUT! is the emotionally charged and hilarious story of one young person’s journey from her high school and college years through her introduction to the working world. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, food, and sex, mark a journey into and ultimately out of self-loathing. The performance seeks to depict the lifelong struggle for integration of the many aspects of the self, and the continued voyage towards peace of mind.

The psychoanalyst Carl Jung suggests that the human psyche comprises many different archetypal characters.  In this powerful performance, Ms. Rubin uses stand up comedy, poetry, song, improvisation, and monologue to tell the story of the conflict among seven particular archetypes in her psyche:   The Inner Child (Baby Katie), The Hostage (Big Katie), The Romantic (Sylvia), The Judge (The Perfect Monster), The Trickster (Hank), The Artist (Poet), and The Wise Woman.

Katie Rubin is a graduate of Amherst College with a BA in Theater and Dance.  She has studied acting at The Wynn Handman Studios at Carnegie Hall, and The Viewpoints and Suzuki Actor Training Techniques with Anne Bogart’s SITI Company in LA.  She has studied classical, jazz, and musical theater vocal techniques for 15 years.  Currently, Ms. Rubin received her MFA in Acting at UC Davis where she not only studies, but teaches basic Acting classes. Katie began her career as a comedic writer/performer at Amherst College with her first original piece, PartyBoobyTrap.  She went on to create Avoiding Less Blue which was produced through Fringe Festival 2000 in New York City .  Insides Out is her third original piece, and Ms. Rubin’s first One Woman Show.

Insides OUT!: or 800-838-3006

Norm Cobb Portrait.jpgTy Cobb – “The Greatest Player That Ever Played The Game”
Norm Coleman

9/27 & 10/4 at 4:30pm - $10

Spend  an hour  with TY COBB – “The Greatest Player That Ever Played The Game.”   That is the name of the one-man show created, written and performed by long time resident of Half Moon Bay, Norm Coleman.

Who is Norm Coleman?   Coleman has thrilled audiences in Lakeland, Florida, winter home of the Detroit Tigers who brought him there in March to entertain Tiger fans.  He has also performed for the Ty Cobb Museum in Royston, Georgia and the President Gerald R. Ford

Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan in a show sponsored by the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY called  “Born to Play Ball.”

In addition, he has performed his show that one critic said, “What Hal Holbrook was to Mark Twain, Coleman is to Ty Cobb.”  Frank Winston, Pacifica Tribune. He has performed over 175 times in the Bay area.

One does not have to be a baseball fan to appreciate the show that has been called, “entertaining, humorous, historical and informative.”

“The story is well told, fascinating and enlightening.  I can’t recommend Norm enough. He brings a refreshing  take on stage work. A good story and storyteller is all you need.” George Mauro, Artistic Director, Pacifica Spindrift Players, Pacifica, CA.

Ty Cobb: or 800-838-3006

Several Solos
Al Gonzales, Mike Spiegelman, and Ira Brightman

9/27 @ 2pm -$7

Professional comedian Ira Brightman is launching a solo showcase, comprised of several advanced performers. It will build to become a continuing series of such solo theater shows.

The first show is Sunday, September 27, 2-3:30 pm at Off-Market Theaters, 965 Mission St, San Francisco. Tickets are $7.

In the initial showcase on September 27, three professional comedians will do theatrical solo performances. Al Gonzales (Cobb’s, Big City Improv) will present “Man Made Disaster” –  a third generation latino tries to keep his roots grounded as he grows up in a black and white world. Mike Spiegelman (Punchline, SF Fringefest), will perform “Salad Jokes Live.” Cucumbers, lettuce, no salad is spared. Also offered are guaranteed losing lottery strategies. Ira Brightman (Hotel Pleasanton, The Marsh Theater) will do the life-extension portion of his show, “God, Hitler, and Life-Extension.” Included are a talking fetus and a way to end death.

"Kudos to Big Al Gonzales..." - Goldstar

About Mike Spiegelman -- “Impeccable timing and goofy self-deprecation.” – SF Weekly

Several Solos: or 800-838-3006



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